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Total Waste Management Program Overview

Industrial, institutional, commercial and governmental organizations of all sizes face increasing demand to minimize the environmental impact of their wastes, communicate responsibility to their community, reduce operational costs and minimize long-term liabilities.   Recycling is a key part of an effective strategy for achieving these results.

Unlimited Recycling, Inc. can provide your company facilities globally with our aggressive, proactive Total Waste Management Program.  This program covers the recycling of all marketable solid and universal wastes, food/organics composting, waste-to-energy and/or the disposal of what isn’t recycled.

Features & Benefits


Streamline Contracts

Consolidation of all facility recycling and waste disposal contracts globally to streamline your corporate contracting process.


Single-Source Recycling

Single-source recycling collection and processing of all recyclables, including office paper, old corrugated containers, scrap metal, industrial plastic, glass, electronic equipment, wood pallets & mixed beverage containers to minimize environmental impact, communicate corporate responsibility and reduce costs.


Convenient Collection

Convenient collection of all wastes using internal systems, pickup containers and vehicles that best meet your individual facility requirements.


Environment Friendly

Optimized transportation to minimize your corporate “Carbon Impact”.


All Equipment Provision

Complete provision of Compactors, Balers, Shredders and a variety of internal recycling & waste handling containers provided for convenient use by workers with no startup cost.


Training Materials

Complete training and educational materials for management, housekeeping and employees minimizes your headaches implementing and maintaining program.


Program Management

Ongoing program management assures highest employee participation for highest overall program performance.


Program Reports

Program reporting to accurately monitor results, refine benchmarks and provide your organization with vital statistics regarding your environmental performance.

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