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Unlimited Recycling Inc. is a well-established company that has been in business since 1999. We have been serving the Greater Detroit and outlying areas with pride and unsurpassed customer service since inception. We handle all waste streams, from solid, universal, metals, electronics, paper, cardboard and industrial. Our services include providing roll off containers from 10yd-40yd for many types of projects: demolition, construction, cleanouts, and recyclable materials disposal to name a few. In addition to that we now offer FEL services, food composting. We sell/rent compactors and balers as well. Utilizing our expertise established through setting up recycling programs for both government (local, state, federal) and private facilities, we can effectively manage your waste streams, and provide the resources and support necessary to ensure that your solid waste and recyclable materials are handled properly and efficiently.


We accomplish these objectives by using a management program that provides continual assessment of waste stream activities. By consistently monitoring the generation, location, and disbursement of plant waste, we can determine what type of modifications are necessary to keep the material flowing efficiently from designated spots in the plant to the final recycling centers that take the specific types of waste we are handling.

Our consulting services will help you decide the most cost-effective way to handle and dispose of all waste material via different types of methods; designated plastic totes and/or gondolas, compactors for trash and cardboard (utilizing a baler may be more efficient for your cardboard depending on volume), dumpsters for plastic and steel containment and other ways to manage disposal items.

Government Recycling Services, Waste Disposal & Dumpster Rental Services:

  • Electric Fluorescent Lamps, including, incandescent, HID
  • Ballasts: PCB, Non-PCB and electronic
  • Batteries: dry-cell and wet-cell, and electronic equipment
  • Industrial waste & solid waste services
  • Sorted office waste
  • Plastic, aluminum, steel and copper and much more!

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